Creatrice ceramics was founded in 2021 by Eline Mathe.

The brand stands for modern luxury and contemporary design. A core value within Creatrice Ceramics is creativity: the technique follows the idea. For example, all pieces are made entirely by hand from start to finish, but with one design I chooses to spin the clay by wheelthrowing and with the other design I build the clay by hand.

My focus will be to provide you with high quality ceramics, that i hope you will cherish for life.

Sustainable Ceramics

When thinking and making for Creatrice Ceramics, I am looking towards a realistic and thoughtful way to endorse sustainability, as well as to keep myself engaged as an artist. My items are meant to be versatile while still aesthetically pleasing.
Working from a belief that the environmental impact of a product is just important as its visual aesthetic, I recycle every unfired used clay to make sure that there is as minimal waste possible.
But only the clay, also packaging plays a role.
From the box, wrapping paper and also the chips to fill the space for optimal shock absorption, are not only made from recycled paper and polystryrene it's also CFK certified and bleach free.
Next to that you can recycle everything from the packaging, except the sticker

I hope you’ll like what you see and be inspired by the timelessly modern objects and passion for creating that go into these ceramics.

Please take a look at my online store or check out the custom made page to let your own imagination come to life, and maybe we’ll be creating someting together!.