My story

Born in Enschede I grew up surrounded by art. I was inspired by my grandfather, a painter, and my uncles, who where painters and were I later found out, pottery as well.

I was captured by my grandfathers paintings very early on, watching him paint made me want to explore my own creativity. But my parents divorced at the age of 8 and therefor, I lost contact with my father and grandfather.

 creatrice ceramics

I continued to explore my creativity by drawing and painting throughout my adolescence when my interest shifted dramatically in my twenties when I discovered the world of fashion.

This new world awakened a deeper obsession to create, I saw possibilities that were never there before, it opened up my eyes in new ways of being creative.  It led me to prestigious internships at Bas Kosters, Viktor&Rolf, and Iris van Herpen with her I started working after graduating, equipping me with a unique perspective and skillset.


Having taken that path, I did'nt start working as a ceramic artist until 2021, but my background in Fashion is playing a crucial role in everything I do.


Working from my home studio in Arnhem, I experiment with form and function, exploring the craft of pottery with the element of fashion.

I work with clay by sculpting and wheel throwing and balance between these two opposites as I believe the technique should follow the design. I then add glazing and sometimes multiple layers of fabric. Its like I’m painting with glaze and fabric. Ceramics are my canvas.


Embracing ceramics has taught me the beauty of unpredictability, helping me let go of my inherent need for control. My focus now is simply to let creativity flourish, finding immense possibilities within the unpredictability of my craft.

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