Eline Mathe - Eline Bouman - Creatrice Ceramics

I'm a mixed media artist where my background in fashion has led me to experiment with different practices. Working from my home studio in Arnhem, I started Creatrice Ceramics since 2021.

I experiment with form and function, exploring the craft of pottery with the element of fashion.

Working with clay, I engage in both sculpting and wheel throwing, finding a balance between these two opposites as I believe the technique should follow the idea. Subsequently, I incorporate glazing and sometimes multiple layers of fabric into my work. It's like I'm painting with glaze and fabric and ceramics are my canvas.

While creating, I try to stay open in the process as I like to search for the aesthetics of what is and find beauty in the coincidental things that occur. Embracing ceramics has taught me the beauty of unpredictability, allowing me simply to let creativity flourish, finding immense possibilities within the variability of my craft.

At the moment, I’m mainly focused on creating art, but feel free to bring up any idea, as I do commission work on a regular basis.


Eline Mathe