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Creatrice Ceramics

Ethereal Drift

Ethereal Drift

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The pleated mesh fabric, carefully arranged in intricate patterns, captures light in a unique way. Its translucent nature creates a play of shadows and reflections, giving rise to an ever-changing visual experience that evolves with the viewer's perspective.

The overall effect is one of serenity and tranquility, inviting the observer to get lost in its soothing embrace. "Ethereal Drift" radiate an aura of calmness, instilling a sense of peace and introspection in those who behold it.

  • Material : Wood frame base, beige linen and pleated fabric.
  • Color : Light beige linen and white mesh fabric.
  • Size : B :20 cm x H: 60,5 cm D 17,5 cm*
  • Certificate of authenticity : Included


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